My Uncle Colin

My Uncle Colin wasn’t my actual Uncle Colin, he was not blood, or my uncle by marriage. In fact he was my Step Great Uncle But I always considered him my uncle, he never made me feel that genetics were an issue. My uncle Colin was there for a lot of Christmases. He didn’t mind, in the slightest, when he was bundled by a huge crowd of us to take a picture, because he knew we loved him. He’d happily just sit and take in the bustle that is the madness of our Christmas over in the Payne household. Never grumbling or griping.

He was there to offer advice when we needed it… Mainly when I inherited 1930s furniture, we couldn’t get it up the stairs and he casually stated that the furniture just “comes apart in the middle”… This was luckily before we’d planned to hitch the whole caboodle over our banister with a mission impossible style winch. He was dead chuffed with the amount of time and effort he’d saved us and found it amusing that we were so daft!

Racing was our best way to connect with Uncle Col. He loved being around the family and the gee gees, and of course was always willing to share his “hot” tips. Although there was the time he quite literally found his ‘Kryptonite’ when he gave everyone a tip for a horse bearing that name but then he changed his mind at the last minute….and it came in winning everyone but him a load of cash. We had our annual Faux Ascot Day at our local working man’s club last year and Col loved it and, bless him, put up with yet another round of incessant selfie taking with him, he even blew a kiss for the camera. There was a Colin Shaped hole in our day this year and although we toasted and put a bet on in his honour he was sorely missed.

The absolute epitome of a gentleman, with his kind words. My Nan was saying the other day, how he always made an effort to speak to you and just took a little bit of time to find out about your day. Another thing that was always said about Col, was that he was “a good old boy”, never a truer statement.

Christmas, ‘Days at the Races’ and ‘Fish and Chip’ nights are going to seem a little different from now on. Uncle Col, we love ya loads. Rest easy.

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