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I am a hoarder, like a proper Hoardy McHoarderson. I keep letters, toys, photos, make up, clothes, books, newspaper clippings… The lot!


And not always the most pleasant of reading material, not only did I find a rather unpleasant recounting of Kurt Cobain’s suicide courtesy of The Sun, but an article about an artist who was caught body snatching.

About every three years or so I have an urge to have a huge spring clean. This year’s life laundry came as a result of this blog. I wanted to revisit old photos and diaries, as a means of research. I may have also been a bit shit-collector shamed by Husbandface!!! I found a note on a bag in the loft that made me think… Oh shit I AM Steptoe.

I was shocked at the utter shite I have hung on to over the years. The worst one was photos. I’m not sure if it was sentimentality or actually self-flagelation. I found a myriad of out of focus, dull and just down right awful photos. Why on earth would I keep a whole reel of pics where not only do I look awful, but the memory of the evening wasn’t even a fond one????!!! Not one person in the pictures looked happy, yet I kept them. I realised that this wasn’t a memory I needed to, nor wanted to revisit.

I did love revisiting my Jem Dolls. I think I was always destined to have my bright colour hair. I LOVED Jem and I wanted to be truly, truly, truly outrageous. I kept these mementos as they made me smile. Like my Roland Rat books, my clippings of Pandora Peroxide and concert tickets (I’m going to paste my clipping and tickets on to boards and make them in to Art work one day). Good memories and a lovely feeling of nostalgia. I was lucky enough to have good childhood memories and I would rather hang onto those, than a disgusting photo of me absolutely miserable at a pub in Greenwich.



So I binned off the Crap, shed my misguided sentimentality and filled up the back of the car with about 10 black bin bags of stuff I just don’t need. I’m determined to move on with my wonderful new life and just keep hold of the good stuff.


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