Hence the expression as greedy as a pig…

One Orrible old C Word

Brick Top, one ‘orrible old “c-word”, kindly explains to Turkish (and us as the audience) how he brutally murders and then feeds his enemies to pigs. Painting a gloriously grim image of ravenous pigs going “through bone like butter”. Perpetuating the age old adage that pigs are fat and greedy, and in this case will eat just about anything.

In clearing out some of my old toys etc out of the loft, I found this piggy bank. A weird, slightly creepy thing, bought for me to save up my pennies. A harmless cute, rotund little piggy, to eat up all my coins. I still found some pennies in there! Piggy Banks date back as far as 15th Century. “Pygg” banks from the Middle ages were often terracotta and often round, according to the wonderful world of Wikipedia. But pigs get a bit of a rough ride of it, they’re used as a weapon to make people feel bad about their bodies, to shame people for what they eat or simply to dispose of dead bodies.

Recently a chap in the news (Fergus Howie) wanted terms like “greedy as a pig”,” fat pig” and “pigging out”etc removed from the English dictionary as this gives pigs, and subsequently their meat bad press. That pigs are in fact not fat that their body fat to muscle ratio , in this day and age, is much better than it used to be. I’m pretty sure that I could hear the entire country roll their eyes at this crazy, over sensitive farmer, who’d been spending far too much time with his porcine friends. People claiming it as ridiculous as pigs have no understanding of what’s being said. And to a point I was rolling my own eyes, scoffing at his views. And then, a la Carrie Bradshaw, I couldn’t help but wonder. .. This guy has a bit of a point, but for a slightly different agenda. He claims that pigs are no “greedier” than other animals.

After a little visit to my school farm and giving the wee little piggies a nose scratch. Pigs are fricking adorable. The fact that they, like their Bovine Farm friends, get used as insults is unfair. There’s nothing more hurtful than being called a “fat cow” or being made to feel as “greedy as a pig”. So I agree with Fergus, let’s stop bashing the piggies and stop bashing ourselves and each other in the process. Seriously though… How cute are these little snuffle monsters???

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