Exciting Things Afoot!


Hello my lovelies. Apologies for being a little on the quiet side, but end of term has had me beat! Next week I shall be standing in front of an audience of children and telling my story and asking them to participate in a variety of body positive activities. I am so very excited and terrified at the same time!

For said event I have spent this weekend baking self-love cookies, among other things. Hoping to decorate them with affirmations, if I have time.

Other exciting things afoot, which have kept me busier than a busy body in busy bodying season, include sorting out my new website, which will hopefully be up and running soon. And I’ve been getting my BoPo Art on! After going to an amazingly awesome event a couple of weeks back, The Anti Diet Riot Fair, I’ve felt inspired to pick up my paint brush once again. I have designed some marvellously sweary affirmations mirrors and keepsakes box. I’m really excited! And on top of this there’s a top secret collaboration about to happen, with another set of artists from my Secret Girl Gang! This is set to be one of the best summers yet!

And as penance for my tardiness of delivering “My Story (Part 9) New job, New Orleans and a New (ish) Me”. I offer you some joyous pictures of me in my new pool, bought as a surprise by Husbandface ❤ I gots my bikini body on!

By the way, did I tell you how bloody marvellous you are?

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