“I Know I’ve Put on Weight,” She Said…

    “I know I’ve put on weight,” she said in a hushed and strained voice, feeling tears prickling her eyes and an unpleasant warm flush across her cheeks. The coats she’d tried on didn’t fit, having purposefully gotten a size bigger, she couldn’t help but feel stupid, like she’d been actively sabotaging herself. She […]

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Fat Girl Exercising: My Modus Operandi

  Fat Girl Exercising Hello my lovelies, my name is Gemma and I am fat. “Nooooo, don’t call yourself that!” I hear you cry, “You are beautiful.” And that I am! This may sound conceited but, like every other wonderful human creature, I am beautiful and the fact that I am fat doesn’t make these […]

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Welcome to BoPovia (Part Three)

  “Welcome to BoPovia.” The giant, illuminated sign read… Sophie and Sea Mist approached a beautiful, sprawling underwater metropolis, with coloured lights and a magical, glittering aura. As they ventured forward the Mermaids, Mermen and Merpeople, came swimming out to greet them. The Merpeople were a glorious spectrum, all different shapes, colours, sizes and abilities. […]

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