Nike Mannequins and Promotion of The Terrible Obesity Craze

Naughty Nike have been up to no good…

Tut-tut Nike!  Shame on you for promoting obesity by including a plus sized mannequin wearing GYM clothes! How dare you offend the very sensitive flower over at the Telegraph, Tayna Gold and her extremely Fat-phobic views! How dare you try to represent women like me, who need gym clothes too, that Ms Gold feels we’re not entitled to. Or maybe she feels that slender mannequins are some form of incentive?

Well fuck you, Ms Gold, it is just your kind of shitty attitudes that stop women like me from going to gym or even stepping foot inside of a NIKE store lest I’m chased out by torch wielding fat phobes like you. Nike has done a bold thing, but in so much as they are promoting larger sizes, there could be more variation perhaps? Or maybe you should take on board Ms Gold’s suggestion “Where is the ordinary, medium, contented woman? Where, oh where, is the middle ground?” Now let’s think about this “the ordinary woman”… What pray tell is the “ordinary woman”!?!? Apparently, I am not an “ordinary woman” because I do not fit into the stereotype of whatever Ms Gold thinks it is, I can only imagine it means no larger than a size 16, curves in all the right places, maybe a bit of tum and bum? And if “ordinary” means being anything like you, I’ll pass thanks.

According to this utter bile, the utterly pius author, who uses disgusting and triggering words in reference to the mannequin as “gargantuan” , “vast” and “heaves with fat” seems to think that Nike has made their mannequin up like some kind of Franken-fat made up from the fat out of a plastic surgeon’s bin? Or the lost fat of all those who have died from all the lies they are being sold by Nike. Incidentally, Ms Gold, you refer to Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory, like it’s laughable to have a brand championing victory (and strong women role models) and championing different body shapes. But not thinking that just going into one of these shops might be a small victory for some, and I’m not just talking about us fatties.

Then let’s get on to this “dangerous lie” that us fatties are just going to die from diabetes or whatever… Ironically, Ms Gold, fat people need exercise clothes to exercise and seeing them on a skinny model is NOT helpful. I’d also like to point out the myriad of “unhealthy” things that not just fat people do… The size 12 “acceptable” model might drink, smoke or take drugs… But that’s ok because they fit the bill. I get that you, Ms Gold, have suffered with your own addiction, but food/sugar addiction is not the only reason for fat! I pray, Ms Gold, that you never have to face failing mental or physical health that might cause you weight gain. I pray that you never find yourself in a situation where carbs find you.  I pray that none of your friends or family are ever subjected to these things, because you have said some really ugly things to a whole nation, what on earth would you say to them!?!?

Most of all, MOST of all,  I am disappointed, Ms Gold, for your lack of empathy for your fellow Womankind. Your lack of understanding that your words are cruel, nasty and (I can’t help but feel) a bit self serving… All publicity is good publicity right? I like to think of your essay as the equivalent of Burberry’s ‘inspired’ noose range… Everyone talked about it, but it is, in fact, a huge pile of steaming shite.

I hope you never have to walk or run (and yes we CAN run, and not just after cake or the ice cream van) a day in our shoes. I just have to wonder… who hurt ya, babe? Do you need a cuddle? Us fatties are good for that.

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