Love Letters

A Love Letter From My Body

Dear Gemma,

This is your body here. I wanted to write and tell you about my feelings for you. I know we have not had the easiest of relationships, like the time we had gastroenteritis over Christmas or when our back went picking up a tissue from the floor. We have certainly had some disagreements over what is best for us, like the thousands of diets you insisted we go on, much to my chagrin, or your constant need to measure, weigh and quantify me.

But, that being said, I wanted to thank you for falling back in love with me again, for finding the time to realise that together we are an unstoppable force. That with my rocking curves, general good health (can I just take this opportunity to apologise about the wonky back… but we’re making that work aren’t we?) and your smarts, creativity and personality, we are pretty awesome together.

I wished you understood how much I have your best interests at heart, I am not here to hurt or damage you. You clothe me in beautiful fabrics, you lavish me glorious almond scented body butter, you have even turned me into a work of art! And I am proud to be your body. We might not fit the “ideal” and sometimes we can let our brain try to make us hate each other, but ‘Brain’ needs to be nicer and we can teach her that. She deserves love too and it is possible that poor Brain never stood a chance with the media bombarding her with images of perceived perfection, with poor choices of partners and having listened too much to the cruelty of others.

I love you Gemma, please continue to fight for our love and keep going on your journey to Body Positivity. You are brave and you ARE worth it.

Eternally yours,

Your Body xxxxx

A Love Letter to My Body

Dear Body,

I’m not going to lie, I wept when I read your letter. I understand that I can be distant and critical, ‘Brain’ sometimes has a big part to play in that. And you are right, we need to fight for our love and ensure that we do not allow anything to come between us again. You are amazing and I do not tell you enough. When we had a car accident, you healed, when we had swine flu, you protected me the best you could. You’ve kept me safe, but more than that you have allowed me to dance, to sing, to be creative, to stand and move freely, when others can’t.

Together we have felt and enjoyed warm sun on our skin, bobbed in water, felt sand between our toes. I don’t tell you enough but there are so many things I adore about you. Our skin is pretty awesome, not to mention our curves… curves that have taken me a long time to love, I’m weirdly proud of our ankles and I adore our hair. Sometimes I could even go so far to say we are pretty.

Body, I am going to make this pledge to you, I WILL work harder at showing you love and affection, I will tell you how amazing you are and I will NOT berate you any more. I will tell you that I love you, even if we have a falling out. I just hope that you can forgive me and Brain for being so harsh on you. You deserve better.

You are beautiful and I am grateful for our life together,

with love

Gemma xxxxxx


A Love Letter to My Husband

Dear Husbandface,

Me (Gemma) and Body wanted to write to you to express just how much we love you and all that you do for us. We feel loved, cherished and adored, even when we’re rolling around in bed, hungover and looking like death. Since we met you, you have done nothing but show us the utmost respect. Body is truly grateful for the times you hold and caress her, making her feel like the most beautiful body in the world. You have never shamed Body, denied Body, or made her feel disgusting or unloved as she has been made to feel in the past. Gemma adores the way you appreciate her sense of humour and do not judge her possibly alarming interest in weird things like Serial Killers. When Gemma and Body wanted to stop dieting, you whole heartedly supported us and did not make us feel like a failure. The support you give Brain is amazing. You stroke our hair and whisper to Brain that everything is ok, even when she was so sick all three of us ceased to function properly. You supported us though and never made us feel like a failure.

Thank you for holding us up when we’ve needed it, made us laugh so hard we’ve pee’d a little bit and made us brim with love.

Love forever,

Gemma, Body and Brain xxxxxxxx

Love Letter to all Bodies


You are amazing, incredible pieces if machinery and artistry that deserve to be celebrated for all your diversity. The media needs to grow the fuck up and start representing bodies in all their wonderful and sometimes weird glory. Older bodies need to teach younger bodies that they have nothing to be ashamed of. How often do we think we experience something “weird” or “odd” about our bodies, but then find out years later that we’re perfectly “normal”… whatever “normal” is!?!

Us bodies need to band together and fight against categorisation of what is acceptable. Try to not allow ‘Brain’ to listen to the body shaming that is so rife on the internet and in the media. No, you absolutely do not need “THINSPERATION” or to be constantly bombarded with Memes that tell you that your body is not “beach ready”. We need to stand up and yell “WE ARE GOOD ENOUGH! WE ARE AMAZING! WE DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE, ALTER OR BE FORCED IN TO AN UNACHIEVEABLE IDEAL!”

Lets spend Valentine’s Day loving ourselves as well as our loved ones!


Me xxxx

P.S. By the way, did I tell you…? Happy Valentines Day my lovelies and REMEMBER self-love is NOT selfish!

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