Happy Birthday Madame Munki!

Today Madame Munki is one year old! Her first birthday in her final metamorphosis into a fully fledged blog and website. Although I started my blog probably a little over 18 months ago, a year ago saw my final transformation into the BoPo butterfly we see today.

I was so nervous when I tentatively, pressed publish on my first ever blog post, on a Facebook page. It was about wanting to be Debbie Mcgee and my dreams crushed by the brutal words of a small child. But the response was overwhelming and I felt bouyed to continue posting. Madame Munki then moved to a slightly more sophisticated WordPress site. But I kept feeling it was just a bit clunky and I wanted to be taken seriously. So one summer afternoon, whilst sunning myself in the garden (read that as hiding in the shade, like the vampire I am), I bought the domain for madamemunki.com. I was shaking with excitement but had no bloody clue what I was doing. Here is where having a Secret Girl gang comes in handy. I outsourced and the delightful Kim made my dream a reality.

All the colours, the photos, the layout were perfect. I felt like a proper grown up. Since then my confidence with the medium has grown and I’ve shared nearly 60 posts and received such delightful comments and amazing support.

My biggest achievement to date is ‘Welcome to BoPovia’ the BoPo kids story I wrote and illustrated. This story is currently sitting in the inbox of several literary agents. Keep everything crossed my lovelies! I’d love to see it in print. I know it’s a bit of a pipe dream, but it feels like since starting Madame Munki I have had reason to dream again. Life is not just about having to go through the motions of getting up, going to work, pray for the weekend, sleep. Then rinse and repeat.

Without the encouragement and thoughtful words of you beautiful people, and especially my family and friends. And most importantly, my editor in chief, partner in crime, my most avid supporter and all-round sexy good guy, my Husbandface, to whom I owe the world. We sat in the pub yesterday laughing about the collective noun you guys, my supporters, should be known by… These were our short-list. Munkitrons, Munksters, Munkateers, Munkinis, or just fucking awesome people.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU SO MUCH. By the way, did I tell you? Without you guys I am just a fat girl yelling out into the ether. You are amazing ❤️

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