Fat Girl Exercising!


Today I had to prime myself all day, whisper to myself that I can and I will do it. That I’ll feel good for it… I know it’s true but after my shitty journey home, the last thing I want to do is jump on the cross trainer or hurl abuse at the poor lady on the pilates DVD, whilst she forces me to work muscles I didn’t even know existed!

But I stuffed my tubby bits into my workout clothes and cracked on tonight. Despite there being a few week’s break (after a bit of an injury, illness and general can’t be arsedness) I found that I enjoyed my little stretch and jiggle tonight. I even found that some of the exercises I found hard are becoming a smidge easier… Don’t get me wrong the poor DVD lady still got abuse. And there was a wonderful moment during my pilates when my back suctioned on to the rubbery mat, making a glorious fart noise. I’m sure my body was mocking me! But I did it! Yay!

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