Bikini Bodies (Part Two): Celebrating the Brave, the Bold and the Beautiful!


So, after my fateful meeting with Duncan Goodhew and the most mortifying picture of me as a tubby little kid feeling desperately self conscious, my relationship with swimwear was set in stone. It was the absolute devil. It was a small shiny bit of fabric designed to make me hate my body and envy everyone else’s.

It’s not until us women (and sometimes men), start talking about it that we realise, in spite of size, shape, colour, marks, scars, ability, etc. we all have the same hang ups about being in swimwear. Specifically bikinis. We all rush to cover up our middle sections like somehow, magically, it will make us smaller, take up less space and be less offensive.

Well last year in 2017 I decided to say TO HELL WITH IT! And I went on a mission to buy a bikini for the holiday I thought I’d never go on or enjoy. A beach holiday. It was during this time I had a revelation, I’d made tentative steps towards body positivity by buying my bikinis, trying the them on and showing them to my friends and secret girl gang. The response…. Unanimous KEEP THE BIKINIS! ROCK THE BIKINIS!

I went out that first morning and tentatively slipped my sarong off by the pool. Gearing up for the gasps of displeasure as I revealed my milky white, dappled skin to the public. I don’t know if I was relieved or disappointed but no one batted an eyelid. In my hand I had, what was to be a game changer for me, a book. This book ‘Things No-one Will Tell Fat Girls’ by Jes Baker rocked my diet obsessed world and set me on the clear path to where I am today. I owe a lot to that book. It taught me I didn’t need to conform to an unobtainable stereotype to be happy. I carried that book around like a shield, as if to say “yep I’m fat, I’m happy, I dare you to challenge that”. Again no one did, I wasn’t harpooned or chased away with pitch forks. In fact at the resort there were much older, larger ladies rocking their bikinis and no fucks were given in the slightest.

So as we approach this new season of fear for some of us, I decided to ask beautiful ladies who read this blog to share their glorious bikini bodies. And I was blown away by the response. I urge you to celebrate and enjoy the pictures, do not make comparisons between your body and others. Your body is amazing and you need to start loving it. So get on board, get that bikini, one piece, tankini or thong out and Rock This Summer!

And I know it’s become clichéd, but there are clichés for a reason – every body is a bikini body!

By the way, did I tell you… You have a bikini body too?! ❤❤❤

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